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Featured Plants


Hostas - Easily grown in average,
medium moisture, well-drained soils in
part shade to full shade. Tolerates full
sun in cool summer climates. Elsewhere
it is best in part shade (some morning
sun). Plants are tolerant of a wide range
of soil conditions. Over 6 cultivars
available. Priced so reasonably you’ll
buy 3 or 4.


  Edgeworthia (Edgeworthia
chrysanthamum) A deciduous suckering
shrub that typically grows to 4-6’ tall and
as wide. It is native to woodland areas in
the Himalayas and China. Sweet
fragrance. Flower buds begin to form in
late summer each year, overwinter on the
bare stems and burst into bloom from late
February to early April before the new
leaves emerge. Silvery winter flower buds
and brown branching are ornamentally
attractive. You will enjoy this lovely
specimen for years.

Black Elderberry - Sambucus
canadensis, common - native
to eastern North America. It is a
deciduous, somewhat
sprawling, suckering shrub that
typically grows to 5-12’ tall. It
typically occurs on
streambanks, moist woodlands,
thickets, fence rows and
roadsides throughout the State
of Missouri. Tiny lemon-
scented white flowers appear in
large flat-topped clusters
(cymes to 10” across) in June.
Flowers give way to clusters of
black elderberry fruits (drupes)
in late summer. Fruits of
species plants are sometimes
used to make jams, jellies, and
pies. Fruits are attractive to

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