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Wondering what you can direct sow in  April?  Here are 15 perennials that can be planted in April.  This list was excerpted from All About Gardening.  Click the link below to read the entire article.

Black Eyed Susan                        

Chocolate Daisy




Hollyhock   Zone 4-7

Oriental Poppy

Painted Daisy   Zone 3-7

Pampas Grass


Shasta Daisy


Sweet Pea




Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant Perennials and Shrubs

SEP 02, 2021

     Fall is a great time to plant your perennial garden for next year.  The weather is cooler and you can enjoy working in the garden.  Fall planting allows roots to develop a strong system.  Fall rains will save you from using city water.  


When Should You Start Planting in the Fall?

     Plant before the ground freezes so the roots can settle in during the winter. In Zone 8 this is probably September - end of November. (Our weather is so funny)  I have planted, with success, spring blooming bulbs at the end of December).  But let's not push the planting past mid-November.


What Perennials and Shrubs Can Be Planted in the Fall? 


     Any varieties hardy in your zone are good to plant in the fall, with a few exceptions.  It is not recommend planting evergreens in mid-late fall. This is because they are more prone to drying out during the winter when the ground is frozen, and the wind is blowing. Their evergreen foliage demands the plant focuses on what is happening above ground rather than establishing a hardy root system below ground.  Be careful about planting plants not in our hardiness zone.  

How to Care for Newly Established Plants 

     Make sure your newly established plants are well-watered immediately after planting. Be sure to water daily or every other day for the first week after planting (this is a good rule of thumb for planting at any time in the garden season).  Continue to watch their water intake until the ground has officially frozen. 

     To ensure optimal care through a cold winter, mulch the area surrounding the base of your plant for added protection and warmth. Mulch acts as insulation for plants and creates an even better environment for root growth. Hopefully your efforts will be fruitful and you will have a healthy plant in the spring.

This article was summarized from a blog.  To read the entire article click on the link below.  Hampton Master Gardeners does not endorse or promote Proven Winners.

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