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Gardeners in our Community 

In addition to maintaining the arboretum at Bluebird Gap Farm, the Hampton Master Gardeners organize a variety of activities designed to engage members of our community, to answer their questions, and to get them excited about their own yards and gardens. 

Some of the activities we facilitate include:

Monthly Crafts with residents of Northhampton Convalescent Center

Monthly Children's Crafts at Bluebird Gap Farm

Master Gardeners Help Desk

Healthy Lawns

The Langley Village Community Garden

Bee City USA

Harvesting Vegetables

Plant A Row Program

There are over 84 million households with a yard or garden in the U.S. If every gardener plants one extra row of vegetables and donates their surplus to local food agencies and soup kitchens, a significant impact can be made on reducing hunger.

You can make a difference. Simply add a row (or a few) to your garden bed this season, and commit those crops to feeding others in our community. Its that easy.


Click the link below to sign up now


For more information about the Plant a Row for the Hungry Campaign, please contact Gaylynn Callahan at (757) 727-1401 or

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